$WGT Staking Season 1: Unlock $W3G & Fuel W3Gamez Network!

Web3Games.com Team
2 min readJan 10, 2024

The future of Web3 gaming is here, and it’s fueled by you!

Dive into $WGT Staking Season 1 and claim 5% W3Gamez Network token($W3G) airdrop. From 20:00 HKT, January 10th to 08:00 HKT, 24th, stake your $WGT and watch your rewards blossom. In addition, early birds get the worm: the earlier you stake, the more $W3G you earn.

If you participated in the $WGT public sale, your loyalty earns you a 1.5x boost on your airdrop bounty.

Season 1 culminates at 8:00 HKT, January 24th with a snapshot: the day your staking commitment translates into free $W3G raining down on your wallet. But don’t hesitate — this exciting opportunity closes fast!

$WGT Staking App

Claim your $W3G and fuel the future of Web3 gaming.

Stake your $WGT now: 👉 https://web3games.com/wgt-staking

W3Gamez Network Devnet is coming in Q1 2024.

What is $W3G?

It’s the key to W3Gamez Network, our revolutionary Layer 2 blockchain built on OP Stack. $W3G powers transactions, fuels governance, and grants exclusive access to the FOCG revolution powering Web3Games.com 2.0.

The MEXC listing of $W3G on January 24th adds further fuel to the fire, while the devnet launch in Q1 2024 paves the way for an immersive, low-cost gaming future.

Step into Season 1 today. Stake your $WGT, earn $W3G, and unlock the limitless potential of W3Gamez Network!

What is W3Gamez Network?

W3Gamez Network is the Layer 2 platform by Web3Games.com, empowering developers to build and players to experience groundbreaking on-chain games.