W3Gamez Network Token ($W3G) Airdrop Guidelines

Web3Games.com Team
3 min readJan 29, 2024


The conclusion of the $W3G Public Sale marks an exciting moment, and we would like to express our gratitude to all the participants who made it a success. 🔥🚀

We are excited to share that the airdrop will be available for claim starting from 10:00 PM HKT on January 30, 2024, and we will provide you with further details in this article. 💰

Airdrop $W3G for $WGT Staking Participants

Airdrop amount: 50,000,000 $W3G

For those who staked $WGT before 12:00 HKT on January 24, you are eligible to claim the airdrop. Among the 50,000,000 $W3G, 90% will be distributed based on the amount of $WGT you staked, while 10% will be allocated based on the timing of your stake — the earlier, the more $W3G airdrop you’ll receive.

You can check your airdrop reward on ⬇️
🔗 https://w3gamez.network/w3g-staking-airdrops

Bonus $W3G for Public Sale Participants

Airdrop amount: 173,783$W3G

Enthusiastic participants actively testing on our W3Gamez Network devnet and bridging devnet ETH with the same address used in the Public Sale are in for a treat. Enjoy a 10% bonus in $W3G as a token of our appreciation.

You can check your airdrop reward on ⬇️
🔗 https://w3gamez.network/w3g-sale-airdrops

Vesting Rule

All airdrop tokens originate from the Ecosystem part of $W3G. Consequently, the vesting of airdrop $W3G follows a schedule, with 5% unlocking at Token Generation Event (TGE), followed by vesting over 48 months. This strategic measure ensures the protection of both the ecosystem and $WGT stakers.

🙏 We extend our sincere thanks for your participation and unwavering support. The journey ahead promises to be dynamic, and we’re thrilled to have you on board.

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