$W3G Public Sale: Your Ticket to the W3Gamez Network Ecosystem!

Web3Games.com Team
7 min readJan 21, 2024

Following the successful launch of the W3Gamez Network Devnet, the spotlight now shifts to our exciting announcement — the forthcoming Public Sale of the W3Gamez Network Token ($W3G).

This marks a significant stride forward in our mission to redefine the gaming landscape. W3Gamez Network is a Layer-2 blockchain network backed by NEAR Foundation, designed specifically for fully on-chain gaming by Web3Games.com, by leveraging OP Stack for its foundation and ensuring data availability through NEAR. As we gear up for this exciting phase, we invite you to join us on this journey.

$W3G Public Sale Information

Web3Games.com Launchpad (🌐 https://web3games.com/launchpad/7) will exclusively provide access to the public sale of $W3G on Polygon Network, open to all participants who show interest by the scheduled timeframe.

The Public Sale of $W3G will be scheduled to start from 3:00 PM HKT, January 23rd, 2024 to 3:00 PM HKT, January 28th, 2024; where the supply for public sale will take up 2% (20,000,000 $W3G) of the total supply (1,000,000,000 $W3G) and the token price will be set at a fixed price of $0.02 per token with the targeted fundraising of 400,000 USDC.

10% (2,000,000 $W3G) of the supply distributed in the public sale will be immediately unlocked upon TGE, and the rest will follow the monthly vesting routine over 6 months after a cliff of 30 days.

Bonus $W3G for Public Sale Participants

As a special incentive, those who actively participate in testing on our W3Gamez Network devnet and bridge devnet ETH with the same address used in the Public Sale will receive a 10% bonus in $W3G.

For example, if you successfully purchase 5,000 $W3G with 100 USDC, your final allocation will include an extra 10%, resulting in a total of 5,500 $W3G valued at 110 USDC. This initiative not only encourages user engagement but also aims to improve the overall functionality of the W3Gamez Network through valuable user feedback and testing.

📕 Tutorial

⬇️ Check out our W3Gamez Network Devnet:

How to get the Whitelist?

To get a whitelist spot, $WGT holders have the opportunity to do so by staking any amount of $WGT on https://web3games.com/wgt-staking before 10 PM HKT on the 22nd of January, as a snapshot will be taken at that time.

Stake your $WGT to get the whitelist now! ⬇️

By participating in this staking process, $WGT holders ensure their eligibility for upcoming opportunities associated with the whitelist. Additionally, we have more whitelist-related campaigns in the pipeline. Stay tuned to our social channels for future announcements and updates.

How does Web3Games.com Launchpad Work?

Two independent procedures (whitelisted & non-whitelisted) of fundraising will proceed simultaneously: those who have been whitelisted will be guaranteed a protected quota initially worth 100 USDC. Allocation for whitelists will be calculated with priority. The remaining whitelist allocation margin will be added to the allocation for all non-whitelisted participants.

Note: the exceeding amount of USDC invested by whitelisted participants will be counted as a contribution from non-whitelisted participants.

To further explain how our $W3G Public Sale works, we’d like to raise an example:

Alice has invested 500 USDC in the pool without a whitelist, while the accumulated contributions from all participants in the pool amount to 500,000 USDC, among which whitelisted investors have contributed a total amount of 240,000 USDC.

In this case, Alice will receive $W3G tokens:

The amount of USDC that Alice will be refunded after the Public Sale accordingly equals:

Under the same conditions, if Alice has whitelist access, she will receive the $W3G tokens:

Pending $W3G: claimable amount of $W3G in addition to protected quota for whitelisted participants & actual claimable amount of $W3G for non-whitelisted participants

Alice’s refund receivable:

If the total funds raised in the Public Sale do not exceed 400,000 USDC, everyone will receive the allocation of $W3G based on the amount of USDC invested. If the total funds raised exceed 400,000 USDC, all exceeding funds will be refunded after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Noted: claimable $W3G in the public sale will follow the releasing procedure stated in $W3G token metrics:

What is W3Gamez Network Token ($W3G)?

W3Gamez Network Token ($W3G) serves as the native utility token of the W3Gamez Blockchain Network, powering its ecosystem and empowering its users. $W3G plays a multifaceted role, encompassing essential functionalities and enabling active participation in the network’s governance.

Native Gas Fee ⛽️

Unlike other Layer-2 Networks, $W3G serves as the primary currency for gas fees on the W3Gamez network, enabling users to execute transactions and interact with smart contracts within fully on-chain games. The W3Gamez network employs a gas fee burning mechanism, whereby a portion of $W3G spent on transaction fees is permanently removed from circulation. This incentivizes network usage while driving natural deflationary pressure, potentially increasing the token’s long-term value.

Staking Rewards ⛏️

A designated portion of transaction fees denominated in $W3G is allocated to the staking reward pool. By staking $W3G tokens and meeting the established eligibility criteria, holders have the opportunity to earn passive rewards from this pool.

Network Governance 🌐

$W3G grants its holders voting rights within the network ecosystem, allowing them to participate in on-chain governance proposals that shape the network’s future development and direction.

💡 For more detailed information about $W3G, please refer to our documentation here:

$W3G Token Distribution and Unlocks 📊

Investors of W3Gamez Network

Web3Games.com Launchpad Refund Policy

Web3Games.com is committed to fair and transparent token distribution. Our Public Sale on the launchpad prioritizes user protection with a comprehensive refund policy.

In the unlikely event that the token price falls below 80% of the public sale price for a sustained period of 3 hours within the first 24 hours of launch, users have the right to request a full refund of their invested funds.

This commitment to user security assures participants and demonstrates our dedication to responsible tokenomics.

🙏 As we look forward to the Public Sale of $W3G and the continued growth of our gaming ecosystem, your support and participation are integral to our success. Join us in shaping the future of on-chain gaming, where transparency, ownership, and innovation converge.

About W3Gamez Network

W3Gamez Network is a Layer-2 Optimistic Rollup blockchain, designed specifically for gaming by Web3Games.com, leveraging OP Stack for its foundation and ensuring data availability through NEAR.

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