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We are delighted to announce the official launch of Staking For $W3G! This represents an exciting milestone for as we initiate the first staking program for our native utility and governance token, $W3G.


  • We are pleased to announce that our native utility and governance token, $W3G, is on track for release this December. Please stay tuned for further details on this significance.
  • The first season of “Stake For $W3G” airdrop program is launched in appreciation for the early adopters and loyal supporters who have contributed to the growth of our ecosystem.
  • While future airdrops are planned, “Stake For $W3G” is uniquely designed to thank our earliest players who took a chance on our initial games, providing crucial feedback and support during the formative stages of, which represents the first of many opportunities for active community participants to earn rewards in $W3G tokens.
Season 1 starts on November 17th, 2023.

1. How To Stake & Withdraw?

Stake your tokens here:

To participate in Season 1, you will need to stake any amount of $POKA, $EMP, and $BEATS tokens rewarded from all three games currently listed on our platform: For those who do not hold any of tokens mentioned above, they can be conveniently purchased through our official decentralized swap:

Once you possess the relevant tokens($POKA, $EMP, and/or $BEATS), you may select from various staking plans with differing lock-up periods.

Select which token you want to stake.

For the staking period, we offer alternatives that align with your personal plans of liquidity management. There are mainly three different options of locked up period: Flexible Locked-up, 6-Months Locked-up, and 1-Year Locked-up:

Select the duration you want to stake the selected token(s) for.
  • Flexible Locked-up: any amount of up to three types of designated tokens can be staked for any duration, with the availability to withdraw any amount of the tokens at any time. All tokens staked will continuously be calculated for accumulating Points.
Staking with Flexible Locked-up
  • 6-Months / 1-Year Locked-up: any amount of up to three types of designated tokens must be staked for strictly 6 months/ 1 year, with no withdrawals permitted until expiration. Tokens staked will immediately cease accumulating Points at conclusion of lock-up period. Meanwhile, all tokens will be available to withdraw.
Staking with 6-Months/1-Year Locked-up

Amount of tokens can be adjusted for unstaking and withdrawal at any time during Flexible Locked-up, while all tokens staked with 6-Months/1-Year Locked-up will automatically be unstaked and available for withdrawal at the end of locked-up period.

Enter the amount of tokens you want to withdraw.

All historical staking records are shown under Activity:

Records of Withdraw/Deposit

2. How To Receive $W3G Airdrop?

Staking will begin the moment tokens have been added to the protocol, and you will simultaneously start earning “Points” for your allocation of $W3G airdrop.

Your total Points earned will be displayed in real-time.

Point” here is calculated by preset formulas to determine that $W3G airdrop will be distributed proportionally among all users who are actively staking their tokens. Each user’s Points will take a certain percentage of “Total Points” earned by all users who have staked $POKA, $EMP, and/or $BEATS during the season. To illustrate it, Alice has earned 100,000 Points, while the Total Points earned by all users amounted to 10,000,000. Therefore, Alice will receive 1% of total amount of $W3G token airdropped to all users who have staked their $POKA, $EMP, and/or $BEATS during Season 1. The more tokens staked, and the longer the lock-up period, the more Points accumulated (the more airdrop of $W3G you will receive).

There is no quantity limitation of tokens you stake. Besides, you can choose up to three different types of tokens from $POKA, $EMP and $BEATS to stake at the same time.

3. How To Earn Staking Points Faster?

To incentivize participation, each of $POKA, $EMP, and $BEATS has a different preset “Token Boost Rate (TBR)”, which grants different rate of change in accumulating Points earned by users. TBRs are determined before each season begins based the corresponding market capitalization of each token.

Token Boost Rate of the current staking season

Note that parameters of each staking season may be subject to protocol upgrades, governance, or any similar process. Once the parameters are preset at the beginning of each season, there will not be any interim adjustment.

Your participation in this exciting new staking program is much appropriated by team. We thank you for being an early supporter as we build the future of fully on-chain gaming together. Please reach out if you have any questions.

* $W3G is the native utility and governance token of, playing multiple critical roles in our fully on-chain gaming network. More details to be revealed.



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