Exclusive Web3Games Token ($WGT) Airdrop for Early Supporters: Eligibility & Claim Details

Web3Games.com Team
6 min readJan 10, 2024

We are rewarding our early supporters! As excitement for the Web3Games.com Token ($WGT) launch reaches a fever pitch, we’re thrilled to announce an exclusive airdrop for our dedicated early supporters. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about claiming your share of this valuable token distribution, including eligibility requirements and airdrop size.


  • Airdrop Token: 8,500,000 WGT (0.85% of total $WGT supply, valued at 153,000 USD in Public sale price)
  • Airdrop Rule: 10% at TGE; 90 days cliff; then monthly vesting over 12 months
  • Claimable Time: 20:00 HKT, 12th January 2024
  • Snapshot Time: 3rd Jan 2024 17:00 HKT
  • Where to claim token: 🔗 https://web3games.com/wgt-airdrops

Who is Eligible:

  1. Holders of 2 or more Web3Games.com Galxe OATs
  2. Holders of 2 or more Web3Games.com CH1Ps
  3. NFT Holders of CryptoEmpire OG Card and POKAVZ Avatar
  4. In-game item Holders of CryptoEmpire Heroes, DEBEATS Headphones, and POKAVZ VIP Passes

💡 Background

Since 2021, Web3Games.com has built a revolutionary crypto-gaming ecosystem, fueled by the belief and dedication of our early supporters in the community. Your trust has been the cornerstone of our growth, and to mark the Web3Games.com Token ($WGT) launch, we’re presenting a unique opportunity. We’re airdropping 0.85% of the total supply (8,500,000 $WGT), valued at 153,000 USD (At public sale price), exclusively to our early supporters. This is your chance to claim a piece of the future and a heartfelt thank you for being a part of our journey.

📖 Airdrop Rule

The airdrop will be claimable starting at 20:00 HKT on 12th January. These tokens will be unlocked at 10% at the $WGT Token Generation Event (TGE), subject to a 3-month cliff, followed by vesting over 12 months. A dedicated claiming page will be available on our website for early supporters to claim their airdrop tokens.

The snapshot for eligibility was taken on 3rd January at 17:00 HKT. If you meet the following criteria, you may claim your airdrop token, and all qualified wallet addresses will receive their corresponding portions based on each rule.

🪙 How much $WGT will I get?

For holders of POKAVZ Avatar NFTs and CryptoEmpire OG Cards, the quantity and rarity of your NFTs determine the amount of WGT you will receive in the airdrop.

For holders of other assets, the quantity of your assets/NFTs will determine the airdrop amount.

The specific calculation method will be disclosed through this privacy-protected sheet, which you can refer to for details.

Also, feel free to check your balance of claimable airdrop $WGT on
👉 https://web3games.com/wgt-unlocks

🎮 Who is eligible?

Holders of 2 or more Web3Games.com Galxe OATs

Web3Games.com Galxe OATs

If you participated in our Galxe campaigns since 2022 and claimed no fewer than 2 OATs in different collections, you are eligible to split a share of 425,000 WGT. Verify your ownership here.

Holders of 2 or more Web3Games.com CH1P Collection

Web3Games.com CH1P Collection

CH1P Collection serves as a historical record of Web3Games events. Owning at least 2 CH1Ps from different collections makes you eligible to split a share of 850,000 WGT. Learn more about the CH1P Collection here.

NFT Holders of CryptoEmpire OG Card

CryptoEmpire OG Card

If you hold at least one NFT from the CryptoEmpire Card Collection, you qualify to split a share of 2,125,000 WGT. Explore the collection on OpenSea.

NFT Holders of POKAVZ


POKAVZ W3POKER, a poker metaverse game by Web3Games.com, rewards NFT holders. Owning at least one POKAVZ NFT qualifies you for splitting a share of 1,275,000 WGT.

Check out the collection here.

In-game Item Holders of CryptoEmpire Heroes

CryptoEmpire NFT Heroes

CryptoEmpire Heroes are in-game items for CryptoEmpire: Match-3 Battle. Owning NFT heroes in your player ID account or in-game makes you eligible for splitting a share of 1,275,000 WGT. Non-NFT in-game heroes are omitted. Explore the marketplace here.

In-game Item Holders of DEBEATS Headphones

DEBEATS Headphones

DEBEATS Headphones, a collection of various styles, rewards holders of Advanced rarity. If your player ID owns any DEBEATS Headphones, your connected wallet address is eligible for a 1,275,000 WGT share splitting. Explore the collection here.

In-game Item Holders of POKAVZ VIP Passes


PASS NFTs provide entry tickets to POKAVZ gameplay. Owning any POKAVZ VIP Pass with your player ID makes your connected wallet address eligible for a 1,275,000 WGT splitting of the airdrop. Learn more here.


1. If your wallet qualifies under multiple rules, you are eligible to split shares under different rules.

2. The amount of airdrop tokens given to a single wallet depends on the wallet’s qualification for each rule.

3. In the spirit of fairness and collaboration, we encourage you to explore the links provided to verify your eligibility and claim your rightful share.

4. Any fraudulent behavior will result in the loss of the airdrop.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to each early supporter who has been an integral part of the Web3Games.com journey. As we embark on the exciting launch of the Web3Games.com token (WGT), this airdrop is not just a token of our gratitude but a testament to the vibrant community that has fueled our growth since 2021.

Let’s continue to build, play, and innovate together in the ever-evolving world of Web3Games.com. Thank you for being part of this incredible adventure, and we look forward to sharing many more milestones with you in the future.

To delve deeper into the potential of Web3Games.com (WGT) and the future it unlocks, dive into our latest whitepaper update for Web3Games.com 2.0. Within its pages, you’ll discover not just technical details, but a glimpse into the transformative vision of fully on-chain gaming we share with you, our community. Together, let’s revolutionize gaming — one blockchain-powered adventure at a time!

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