DEBEATS Season 2 Reward: Doubled $BEATS, More for Gameplay Team
2 min readOct 31, 2023


After the successful launch of Season 1, we are excited to announce some adjustments to the rewards system for Season 2. These adjustments are designed to promote gameplay and ensure the long-term development of the game.

🪙 Doubled $BEATS Rewards

DEBEATS double the $BEATS reward in Season 2! We will be doubling the daily $BEATS reward from 25,000 to 50,000.

Season 2: 3,000,000 $BEATS in 60 days(50,000 $BEATS per day)
Season 1:
700,000 $BEATS in 28 days (25,000 $BEATS per day)

We believe that this increase in rewards will attract more players to DEBEATS and allow current players to unlock more game content.

🎮 More Reward Allocation for Gameplay

In Season 1, leaderboard rewards accounted for a significant portion of the overall reward pool. However, we felt that this discouraged players from simply playing the game.

In this Season, we have significantly reduced the weight of leaderboard rewards and increased the rewards for gameplay. This means that players will be able to earn more rewards by playing the game, even if they are not at the top of the leaderboard.

Overall, the game rewards in Season 2 will be twenty to thirty times that of the first season. We believe this will encourage players to play the game more and contribute to the DEBEATS community.

We believe that these changes to the reward system will make DEBEATS a more rewarding and engaging game for all players. We are committed to creating a sustainable and vibrant community, and we believe that these changes will help us achieve that goal.

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