DEBEATS Season 1 is Live! Team
3 min readSep 25, 2023

We’re excited to announce that DEBEATS Season 1 is live!

⏰ Season Duration

15th September 2023, 15:00 HKT — 15th October 2023, 15:00 HKT

🎖 Leaderboard Rewards

Almost all players on the leaderboard will receive DEBEATS Points as rewards! In Season 1, the leaderboard rewards will be distributed at 15:00 HKT on 28 September 2023 and 15:00 HKT on 15 October 2023.

💡 We will distribute DEBEATS points every ~15 days in Season 1 and gradually shorten the interval.

You can earn DEBEATS Points depending on your position on the leaderboard as following two tables:

Leaderboard Reward #1
Leaderboard Reward #2

For example, if Alice keeps ranking №2 out of 100 players, and wearing a pair of advanced headphones. She will be in the top 5% and will receive 280000 + 1400000 DEBEATS points on both September 28th and October 15th.

Example: Alice’s Reward

💡 DEBEATS Points will be automatically converted to $BEATS tokens. To learn more about the conversion process and $BEATS, please check:

🎁 Season Rewards

During the season, all participating players will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes!

Unlocking exciting rewards in season is easy — all you have to do is earn season points! As you play, you’ll earn stars and an equal amount of season points that help unlock abundant rewards.

The rewards are divided into two tiers: Free and VIP Pass. VIP Pass holders have the chance to win exclusive rewards while everyone else can earn a Free reward.

Details of Season 1 Reward

🙏 Thank you to all the players who have been actively participating in the game! Keep playing and unlocking rewards before the season ends.

We hope you enjoy DEBEATS and look forward to seeing you all on the leaderboard!

What is Season?

Season is a time-limited event that enables players to unlock in-game content at a faster pace. You can level up by earning season points, which are obtained by achieving stars while playing. For example, if you complete a song and get three stars, you’ll get three season points. Rewards in season mode include Free & VIP Pass.

What is a VIP Pass?

VIP Pass can give you access to higher-level rewards and exclusive seasonal rewards. Each season usually has three season-exclusive songs that can only be accessed through the VIP Pass. You can unlock the VIP Pass on the Season page or in the shop.


DEBEATS is the revolutionary decentralized music rhythm game built on Polygon.

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