🎧 DEBEATS Airdrop is Live!

Web3Games.com Team
3 min readSep 19, 2023


DEBEATS has been conducting exciting campaigns since last Christmas, and our early adopters have enthusiastically participated. We are grateful for their support, and as a gesture of appreciation, we are thrilled to announce the DEBEATS Airdrop to these supporters.

Who can get the airdrop:

(*Click to check the list of winners)

Top 100 Alpha Tester

The top 100 alpha testers of DEBEATS will be airdropped. These testers are those who play and test DEBEATS in March 2023. They will receive DEBEATS Gold as the following details:

№ 1: 300 DEBEATS Gold (DG)

№2: 200 DG

№3: 150 DG

№4 ~ 20: 100 DG

№21 ~ 50: 80 DG

№51 ~ 100: 50 DG

Social media Winners: 100 DG

Lucky draw Winners: 100 DG

For the top 100 alpha testers, the airdrop will be sent to the same account that was used during the testing phase. If you won through social media or a lucky draw, kindly create a support ticket on our Discord channel and provide your Player ID to receive the airdrop.

Top 20 in Xmas Warm-up Party

The Xmas Warm-up Party took place during Christmas in 2022, and it was promised that the top 20 players would receive NFT headphones as a reward. Since the NFT headphones have not been released yet, the rewards will be converted to DEBEATS Gold, which can be used to unlock Headphones Lootbox or Songs. Each winner of the Xmas Warm-up Party will receive 100 DG.

🔔 Note: To successfully receive the airdrop, please make sure to log in to the game before 00:00 UTC on 24th Sep 2023. The airdrop will be conducted before 00:00 UTC on 26th Sep 2023.

How to claim the reward? (DEBEATS Gold)

  • Download DEBEATS on https://debeats.com/
  • Login to the DEBEATS game with your email
  • Check your DEBEATS Gold balance at the top right corner.

How can I Unlock a Headphones Loot box?

You can go to [SHOP] in DEBEATS and purchase a Headphones Lootbox with 50 DEBEATS Gold.

💡 If you want to know more details about DEBEATS, please kindly check:

🙏Thanks again for the community’s love and support, more airdrop campaigns are on the way! Hope you all enjoy DEBEATS!


DEBEATS is the revolutionary decentralized music rhythm game built on Polygon.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of musical creativity where you can collect and trade unique beatmaps. Showcase your talents and skills by syncing your moves with the rhythm!

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