CryptoEmpire Weekly Progress Updates — 08 Sep 2023 Team
2 min readSep 8, 2023

Hey players from CryptoEmpire!

We’re excited to announce some major updates coming to the game this week.

Week 4

World Boss Mode

A new cooperative mode where all players can work together to defeat a powerful boss and earn rewards, including new heroes! This is a great way to team up with friends and show off your skills.

New Art Materials

We’ve added even more beautiful art assets to the game, including updated menus, UI, and heroes. This will make CryptoEmpire even more visually stunning.

Continuous Testing

We’re constantly testing the game to make sure it’s balanced and fair for everyone. We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to succeed, no matter how much time they have to play.

We’re constantly innovating and improving CryptoEmpire, and we’re eager to share more updates with you soon. In the meantime, follow our social media channels for sneak peeks and other exciting news.

About CryptoEmpire

CryptoEmpire is a match-3 strategy and battle NFT game.

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