CryptoEmpire: Public Phase is Coming this September

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We are thrilled to formally announce the Public Release of CryptoEmpire is officially planned for this coming September!

Our Public Beta test has unbelievably been an overwhelming success, with over 6,500 players and peak concurrent usage of 250 users since its launch on July 12. Participants have engaged in more than 350,000 match-3 battles, for which we have distributed 19 million EMP tokens as rewards. An additional 16 million EMP tokens have been utilized in the game. We have received abundant constructive feedback and suggestions from participants in our Public Beta test, who have also aided us in identifying and resolving various system defects and bugs. We eagerly anticipate continuing to refine CryptoEmpire with the ongoing input from our community.

During the Public Beta test, our players have traded over $250,000 worth of Heroes and Summoning Stones NFTs, along with over 22 million EMP tokens on the NFT Marketplace and W3gSwap. From associated transaction fees, we have accumulated over $10,000, which will be deposited into the EMP liquidity pool to stabilize the volatility of the EMP price. This is a small token of our appreciation for the support of players in the final week of testing.

The CryptoEmpire Public Beta test concludes at 12:00 HKT on August 15. Subsequently, the Arena will be paused for one month to facilitate major upgrades to tokenomics and digital asset design. Players will still be able to deposit and withdraw digital assets from the game, including EMP tokens, Heroes, and Summoning Stones. We will also launch a new Party Mode where players may hone their match-3 skills.

Now, please allow us to summarize the major enhancements slated for the Public Release of CryptoEmpire, based on feedback from our participants in the Public Beta test. Our team has been diligently executing the following initiatives:

1) Introduction of On-Chain Gaming

We acknowledge requests for diversification beyond your match-3 skills. CryptoEmpire aims to build a robust gaming ecosystem, so we will leverage Hero NFTs to launch on-chain gaming modes. Players may stake their Hero NFTs to form teams and vie for EMP token rewards. This unlocks new possibilities for crypto-native users, representing a new phase in our mission to push crypto gaming to the next level.

2) Overhaul of EMP Distribution

We are committed to imbuing EMP with tangible value, as it is the bedrock of the CryptoEmpire gaming system. To resolve inflation without impacting players’ gameplay experience, we will introduce EMP staking rewards, allowing players to earn rewards for holding EMP tokens, which will help to increase demand and reduce supply. Additionally, we will improve EMP market liquidity, making it easier for players to trade EMP tokens, which also helps to stabilize the price. Moreover, we are changing how EMP will be minted to ensure the production of new EMP only when demanded and to prevent hyperinflation. We believe these measures will bolster the value and sustainability of EMP tokens, benefiting the entire CryptoEmpire ecosystem.

3) Addition of PvP Race Mode

For real match-3 enthusiasts, we are devising a new PvP Race Mode. Players will select their own team and battle head-to-head, with the victor receiving a prize pool-funded wagers. This promises to be our most thrilling match-3 variant ever! We encourage all players to practice their skills and compete for the prizes.

4) Cessation of Genesis Summoning Stones Claims

Profound thanks to our early supporters who obtained OG CryptoEmpire cards! We hope you have enjoyed the game thus far. To preserve Heroes’ value, Genesis Summoning Stones claims will conclude by 12:00 HKT on August 15th. This will help to maintain the desirability of Heroes and promote an optimal player experience. We appreciate your understanding and support as always.

5) Revamp of Core Gaming System

The Public Beta illuminated crypto adoption barriers facing traditional gamers. Players must learn about cryptocurrency, wallets, NFTs and more before fully engaging CryptoEmpire. To lower these obstacles, our impending updates will refactor the gaming system for accessibility. We believe this will bridge the gaming worlds of traditional gamers and crypto-native gamers.

6) Enhanced Transparency and Governance

In the upcoming weeks, we pledge to boost transparency through public roadmap releases and amplify governance via community votes. Your contributions remain invaluable as we collaboratively build the future of a great game with our players.


We are fully devoted to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience when CryptoEmpire formally launches this coming September. Thank you for joining us on this journey to redefine the new possibilities of crypto gaming!

Be seeing you all in our CryptoEmpire!

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